What we offer

  • The need for connection is greater than ever. We are therefore committed to connecting people and forming bonds.
  • Regional and thematic online Zoom meetings
  • Personal encounters, group meetings or walks
  • A private and secure platform to exchange information and find each other
  • Support for setting up groups that want to play an active role
  • Monthly newsletter with updates
  • Free membership

Your why

Our power is strengthened by collective action, and you can help make a difference right now with CC Netherlands! The support we receive is an enormous positive force for our good work in tackling society’s most challenging and diverse problems.

  • Connect with like-minded people who want to see freedom, peace and good health for everyone in the world
  • Share your views and learn how to actively help people
  • Meet people in your community who share the Connecting Consciousness values
  • Engage in deep conversations and respectful debates about current news
  • Participate in events, active gatherings or (online) meetings

Become a member?

  1. connecting-consciousness.org and click on the center of the ♥.
  2. Fill in the ‘Join Us’ form
  3. You will first receive a confirmation email from Simon Parkes, then a welcome email from our CC Coordinator Netherlands, Caroline Buwalda, and then from your regional coordinator.