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Connecting Consciousness Nederland

We are a branch of the steadily growing Connecting Consciousness (CC) tree, which stretches all over the world. As a collective of spiritual, like-minded people, each with our own life experiences and backgrounds, we strive to connect people who are seeking a better Netherlands and a better world for all. We are all about mutual respect, commitment and open discussion with a heart-centred approach.

Just like the quantum world we are heading to, CC Netherlands is everywhere and nowhere! The power is in numbers. Currently CC Netherlands has over 1220 members and we are growing every month. We are not one person, but a coordinated team from east to west and north to south. By connecting people across the country, a sense of belonging and positivity is created.

Simon Parkes

Initiator and founder of Connecting Consciousness is Simon Parkes. He is a former elected British politician and has served a full term. In addition to his high spiritual awareness, he has access to useful sources of information beyond his family background.