Connecting Consciousness

Connecting Consciousness (CC) is a spiritual and voluntary organisation that has a steadily growing membership and is expanding to other countries on all continents. We now have nearly one hundred thousand members in over 100 countries, almost all of whom have their own coordinator. Like Simon, we recognize that events and developments on this planet do not benefit humanity, have a different context than in which they are presented, and that the forces behind them are greater than they appear on the surface.

Our wish, therefore, is that all living beings here on Earth and beyond can exist in peace, freedom and good health. We share light, love and gratitude and feel connected in consciousness and the same spiritual values. We brainstorm ideas to make this planet a more beautiful world, are open to playing an active role in it and have the desire to raise awareness in all human beings. Our intention is to help people, without dogma, spiritually nourishing, mentally inspiring and emotionally supportive.

Whatever extraordinary experiences our members may have, at CC we know that much more is possible than the average person generally suspects. We share our experiences online or on location and use a trusted platform to ensure networking and communication among all our members internationally. CC also reaches out to other spiritually based organisations and groups and forges bonds with their members.

About Simon Parkes

Initiator and founder of Connecting Consciousness is Simon Parkes. He is a British former elected politician, served a full term in office and in addition to his spiritual awareness he has access to helpful sources of information, not only due to his family background. His mother worked for the British security service MI5 and, as part of her work, wrote documents about UFOs that crashed on earth and were recovered by American special forces.

His grandfather worked for the British secret service MI6 and was very closely associated with the American CIA. Later he was a British diplomat at the United Nations.

Simon Parkes has a lifetime of experience with extra-planetary lifeforms and went public with this in 2010. In 2013 he was invited by the British Ministry of Defence to a secret British space radar station as a quasi confirmation of his background. Since then he is respected by the media as a connoisseur of various extraterrestrial races and beings. More about Simon Parkes and his services on his website.


Our Aims

Connecting Consciousness recognises that current structures are not necessarily responsive to people or the planet, and seeks to solve global challenges through physical and spiritual development, education and governance.

Connecting Consciousness seeks to support people on their learning journey to become awakened to the world around them, to develop their understanding of who they are and their true position within the world, and thus to help humanity and all life move forward in a positive way.

Service to others rather than service to self as one of the fundamental values.

How will we do this? Through three interconnected aims:

Our Vision

Connecting Consciousness is a place where people feel safe and supported, as well as understood and valued, without being labeled. We want to create coordinated groups in every country of the world, where people can share their experiences, and support each other in times of need. For this purpose we meet on a regular basis online or face-to-face.

We can talk to each other about our awareness of the world around us, experiences with UFOs or alien abductions, or about a family member who has had contact with the secret intelligence services or organisations. We are a group of people who are interested in growing food organically, who understand that healing is not just about taking a tablet or applying an ointment. People who want change and know that most of the system around us is not designed to support us, but to control us, who act because they are concerned about 5G, hormones in our food or vaccinations.

We want to show the world that there is another way to value people. That there is another way to do things. Connecting Consciousness is about giving power back to the people. We want millions of people worldwide to join CC so that we can make change happen through our large numbers. We want to be able to influence those who make the laws and regulations, and we would like to see people start applying pressure in a peaceful way where there is injustice. After all, it is our right to challenge injustice!

The Logo

Two central elements of the logo are crucial – the earth and a heart situated between the green and purple swirls. Why these two components? The earth because this is where the work of CC is focused. The heart signified that the work of CC is heart centred. The words “Connecting Consciousness” encircle the Earth and form part of the swirls. The fan shape is extended into an infinity sign and so emerges the current logo design CC is familiar with.

The green and purple represent connecting 3D and 5D, and also represent the colours of the heart and head energy centres.

NOTE: The Connecting Consciousness logo is the express property of Simon and Rebecca Parkes and may not be reproduced, exchanged, copied or altered in print or digitally by any CC member or third party organization without the express written consent of Simon or Rebecca Parkes.